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Trust a Truck Wreck Lawyer

At 1800 Truck Wreck we treat our big truck wreck clients like family. If you’ve never worked with a personal injury attorney or trucking accident lawyer you may not know what to expect. 1800 Truck Wreck offers a stress free approach to working with a truck wreck attorney.

In any personal injury type case, the following steps are generally followed:

  1. An initial case evaluation will occur with an injury lawyer or legal representative of the firm.
  2. Start the case with initial court paperwork and complaints.
  3. Fact-finding and discovery time is conducted by your truck injury lawyer.
  4. Various mediation sessions with the defended and motions with the court will be filed.
  5. A truck accident lawyer will help work out a settlement or take your case in front of a jury.
  6. Final judgment is entered and monetary compensation dispersed.
  7. If the case was unsuccessful, an appeal can be filed on your behalf by trucking accident lawyers.

What to expect when you find a lawyer at 1800 Truck Wreck

Our  truck wreck lawyers and car wreck attorneys are hand selected to meet the firm’s high standards. Not only do our Georgia and Texas accident lawyers have legal degrees from respected educational institutions, they also sit on association boards, are actively involved in their communities, and uphold honorable values both on and off the job.

Once retained, a truck injury lawyer will go to work sorting out the details of your case. Our truck wreck attorneys don’t just sit behind a desk. They get out in the field to investigate even the most complex truck wreck cases by interviewing witnesses, collecting and examining police reports, reviewing available video footage and photographs from the scene, analyzing medical records, interviewing expert medical staff, and working with consultants to reconstruct the accident scene for use in courtroom proceedings.

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When do you need to hire a truck wreck lawyer?

You’ll want to consider retaining trucking accident attorneys if any of the following criteria is met:

  • There is a dispute over who was at fault for the truck wreck.
  • Serious injuries were sustained with possible long-term impacts.
  • There is a high level of pressure from a claims adjuster to quickly agree to a low insurance settlement or you don’t feel you’re being fully reimbursed for medical costs subsequent to the collision.
  • The big truck driver involved was uninsured or underinsured.

When can a trucking accident attorney recover compensation from a collision?

  • For current medical expenses such as emergency room visits fees, hospital/urgent care, surgery, wheel chairs, crutches, and appointments with approved medical professionals like chiropractors.
  • For future medical expenses if injuries from a truck trailer accident require ongoing medical attention.
  • For wrongful death in the case of fatalities.
  • For pain and suffering or mental anguish caused by the commercial truck crash.
  • For lost wages from missed time at work due to the wreck.
  • For the loss of future wage earning ability if the victim can no longer perform their job functions post-accident.

While no two cases are the same, and a successful outcome is never guaranteed, when you need a lawyer for accident issues 1-800-Truck-Wreck is here to help. Their truck accident attorney team tirelessly fights for clients.

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18 Wheeler

18 wheeler accident attorneys of Witherite Law Group

18 wheeler crashes can cause long term turmoil for both those immediately involved in the collision and their family members who are left to bare the burden of physical, emotional and financial trauma. When an individual is struck by a big truck, the damage is often far greater than what is typically experienced in a passenger vehicle accident.

An 18 wheeler trailer alone typically weighs 12,000 pounds when empty. When you include the weight of the 18 wheeler tractor where the driver sites plus any cargo they may be carrying the combination can total up to 80,000 pounds legally. A commercial truck hauling this much is like a stampeding elephant ready to demolish anything in its tracks.

18 Wheeler Facts and Statistics

  • The first 18 wheeler tractor trailer automobiles date back to France in the 1700s.
  • A truck trailer is on average 70-80 feet long.
  • An 18 wheeler has a total of five axles.
  • Drivers should follow 25 feet behind to be visible to the truck driver
  • The length of time to stop an 18 wheeler is 40% greater than that of an automobile.
  • It takes a minimum of 160 hours of training to learn how to drive an 18 wheeler at an accredited CDL driving school.
  • Every year 18 wheeler accidents injury over 90,000 people in the United States

When a semi 18 wheeler accident occurs most people choose to find a lawyer. Working with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer is a simple, transparent process. The 18 wheeler attorney will start by collecting all the facts surrounding the wreck, including everything from time, date and witnesses to both parties’ insurance information and the police report. Other details needed by a lawyer after 18 wheeler accidents include photos from the scene of the collision and post-wreck medical records. This makes it very important to seek medical attention immediately following an 18 wheeler crash.

Once a case is open a Texas 18 wheeler accident lawyer will work to determine the cause of the wreck. Collisions caused by large vehicles and commercial trucks are often found to be the result of driver negligence. Circumstances that fall under driver negligence insufficient training, improper vehicle maintenance, overloaded 18 wheeler trailers, drug or alcohol abuse, as well as operating a vehicle passed the maximum allotted number of hours allowed by law. If a truck driver is found to be negligent, a case settlement in favor of the other driver is awarded.

To take action against the truck 18 wheeler driver or their insurance company consider filing a lawsuit with an 18 wheeler lawyer.

The 1-800-Truck-Wreck 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Difference

  • While there may be many 18 wheeler accident lawyers, only a select few have the legal background and litigation skills needed to call themselves a Witherite Law Group 18 wheeler accident attorney. Big truck wreck victims place their trust in the personal injury law firm because of their experience as 18 wheeler accident lawyers with real court room familiarity and ability to vigorously interact with large insurance companies. 1-800-Truck-Wreck offers free case evaluations and never collects a legal fee unless there is a successful outcome for their client. Click here to learn more about the firm’s award winning 18 wheeler accident attorneys. Then, contact 1-800-Truck-Wreck today at 1-800-878-2597 to speak with a 18 wheeler accident attorney in your area regarding a collision.

Semi Truck

Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Texas – Witherite Law Group

When involved in a semi truck crash many people turn to a semi truck accident attorney/lawyer to inquire about how much a semi truck settlement typically amounts to. There are several factors that will determine the size of a semi truck accident case’s monetary compensation.

What makes a semi truck case?

    • The extent of one’s personal injury including current medical bills and future care needs following the semi truck wreck.
    • How much damage was done to the innocent party’s vehicle during the crash.
    • If the semi truck driver was negligent, such as under the influence of alcohol or without the best semi truck maintenance.
    • If the collision was with a big truck or an actual commercial truck.

    The real courtroom experience of the truck and semi truck accident lawyer retained for the case.

    The statistics show that a large number of semi truck crashes are caused by negligence. For example, data from the United States Department of Transportation tells us that over 30% of all semi truck crashes are due to driving not getting enough sleep. A high number of commercial truck accidents also have alcohol as a factor.

    Over the last several decades, the number of big trucks on U.S. roads has been amplified as people consume and purchase more products than in the past. In 2012 revenue generated by the trucking industry totaled $610 billion and revenues are projected to virtually double by 2015 – a number that goes to show semi trucks and semi trucks accidents are here to stay.

    With a growing number of new semi trucks on the road the state of Texas along with other governing bodies, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), have put regulations in place to help fight semi truck accidents and unnecessary casualties. These regulations include:

    • Limiting the length of driving time allowed for each truck semi driver
    • Requiring drivers keep log books that are properly maintained and signed daily
    • Keeping maintenance records to a show semi trucks up keeping
    • Loading ratios proportionate to semi truck size to maintain proper balance in the truck trailer.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to commercial truck accidents, occupants of other vehicles involved in the collision make up over 75% of fatalities due to the large size difference in vehicles. Even when a semi truck accident is not fatal it still produced life-altering effects. Many victims experience permanent injuries of the brain or spine, lost limbs, paralysis and coma.

    When major catastrophic injuries or death occurs as a result of semi trucking victims needs to find a lawyer. Many times the injured party may feel like they are too small to go up against major semi truck networks with unions, fast talking insurance agencies, and major financial backing. However, a Texas semi truck accident lawyer can help those affected by a collision with even the best semi trucks and commercial trucking companies.

    Since 2001 the semi truck accident lawyers at 1-800-TRUCK-WRECK  have been using their legal expertise in semi truck or semi-truck accidents to recover settlements for their clients. Stop wondering, “what is a semi truck wreck attorney going to do for me?”

    If you’ve been injured by a driving semi truck, 1-800-Truck-Wreck’s semi truck accident attorneys are standing by to speak with you regarding a potential semi trucks lawsuit. Take the first step towards recovery after a semi truck accident today by filling out the free case evaluation form found on

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