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The Fort Worth attorneys at Witherite Law Group not only have extensive expertise in car and truck wrecks, but care about each client, making sure they receive the medical treatment and settlement they deserve.

Witherite Law Group makes legal services available to individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic class, education or status in life. We strive to be respectful of the concerns, desires, and feelings others have as they work to improve their lives and get back on their feet after an accident.

At Witherite Law Group - Fort Worth, You Matter.

A wreck causes physical pain, hardship, financial challenges, and often times the inability to work. The lawyers of Witherite Law Group will help you get the medical care you need to keep your life running.

From there it requires listening, guiding, counsel, expertise, determination and a battle strategy to develop and execute a successful case strategy. The skills and knowledge of Witherite Law Group brings to the table enables effective investigation and examination of your case.


Recent Settlements

Rear-Ended by a Commercial Truck
Total Amount Received by Client $158,746.28

Traveling back into town from a family funeral, our client and her family were forced to stop on Hwy 45 for a backup in traffic. However, the truck driver behind them was not paying attention, continued to drive when he should have been stopping and crashed into the back of her family. As a result, she required back and neck surgery.

Improper Turn by a Commercial Truck
Total Amount Received by Client $68,871.93

Our client, Maria was turning left at an intersection in Fort Worth, when the defendant truck driver made a left hand turn from a straight only lane, striking her vehicle. Maria underwent emergency room care, chiropractic care, and two neck joint injections. The trucking company claimed its driver’s dashcam video showed Maria to be 100% at fault and responsible. After suit was filed, the dashcam was put in perspective and supported her case against the defendant truck driver and trucking company. Total settlement $200,000 with $86,600 in medical bills.

Total Amount Received by Client $59,625.66

Our client Mary was rear-ended by a concrete truck that was unable to stop in time due to exceeding weight restrictions causing her to suffer injuries to her neck and back, along with headaches, nausea and pain going down her legs. She eventually underwent epidural steroid injections to her low back and suffered prior chronic pain issues. She incurred $66,000 in medical treatment and we settled her case for $150,000