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Dallas, TX

Helping the youth of our communities obtain access to achieve higher education and great success in life, benefits all the family! Education is a tool which remains with a person throughout their life and continually opens new opportunities fostering self-growth and confidence.

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Fort Worth, TX

The success of our youth can benefit the entire community! Throughout a person's life, their education opens up opportunities for self-development and confidence.

Atlanta, GA

Our community's success is dependent upon the success of our youth. Education is the catalyst to achieve greatness and provide greater opportunities to their families and neighbors. Education continually opens doors for advancement and expands the thought process.

Chicago, IL

The entire neighborhood benefits from educating their young. Communities have more doctors, mechanics, engineers which enhances the lives of all. Access to achieve higher education can be difficult at times; thus, 1800truckwreck w Witherite Law offers scholarships in each community to help local students gain access to the higher education they want and deserve. These opportunities benefit the community and our families.