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When you need an accident lawyer, you want to hire a firm that has car and truck wreck expertise in Dallas, cares about you as a person, and helps you get the settlement you deserve following injury or property damage due to the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company.

The Dallas attorneys at 1-800-Truckwreck gain expertise from multiple areas. They even go to truck driving school.

1-800-Truckwreck makes legal services available to individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic class, education, or status in life. We strive to be respectful of the concerns, desires, and feelings others have as they work to improve their lives and get back on their feet after an accident.

You Matter. At 1-800-Truckwreck and Witherite Law Group- Dallas, TX

Our platinum rule is service to others before self. And we act with unwavering integrity. Always.

We understand how to keep life running for clients. A crash can not only cause physical pain, suffering, and hardship, but it can also cause inconvenience and challenges with finances, family, and the ability to work.

First and foremost, you need the right medical care to get well. From there it requires listening, guidance, counsel, expertise, determination, and a battle strategy to develop and execute a successful case strategy. Witherite Law Group brings experience, insight, effective investigation, and examination to your case.

All of this translates to an approach that works to get clients the settlement they deserve.

Dallas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers 

Dallas drivers aren’t strangers to the many 18-wheeler collisions that happen on the roads every day. Unfortunately, many of these truck accidents end up injuring drivers and passengers, leaving them in pain and in need of medical attention. We understand that an accident can leave you feeling lost. Our 1-800-TruckWreck attorneys are passionate about helping you heal and receive the settlement you deserve.

Dallas Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers 

Commercial vehicle accidents can be just as serious as 18-wheeler accidents. Garbage trucks, transit buses, construction vehicles, rideshare vehicles, and others may be considered commercial vehicles. We often work with clients that were injured in collisions involving a company vehicle and have years of experience handling these complicated cases.

Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

Hiring a Dallas truck accident lawyer to oversee your case is the best thing you can do when you’ve been injured in an accident. Truck accidents are a frequent occurrence on Dallas roadways and the number of injuries that derive from these accidents is staggering. We want you to be taken care of immediately and feel that you are in good hands. At 1-800-Truckwreck, we make it our priority to protect your rights and get you the medical care you deserve.


Recent Settlements

Poor Maintenance of a Commercial Vehicle
Total Amount Received by Client $406,152.53

A gravel company failed to keep its truck in safe working condition. As a result, when its driver started out on his early morning 5am trip and saw the light on indicating the dump was raised, the driver didn’t think it was raised and didn’t do what he knew he should’ve have done to ensure it was in the proper position. As the driver started to pass under an overpass, the dump rose up (or according to the company was already raised) and crashed into the overpass leaving debris all over a pitch dark highway and separating the end-dump from the tractor. As JS drove down the highway at highway speeds, he hit the debris left on the roadway, lost control and bounced off the back side of the dump truck. The driver blamed the company and the company blamed its driver. Our client suffered a head injury and back and neck injuries.

Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler
Total Amount Received by Client $273,988.13

Our client was driving on Highway 121 express lane in Bedford and stopped for traffic. An 18 wheeler rear-ended her from behind pushing her into the vehicle ahead of her. She underwent conservative medical care and multiple spinal injections. The trucking company’s insurance company would not offer fair money to settle the case pre-suit, so a lawsuit was filed.

After suit was filed, our client’s low back pain continued and eventually she underwent lumbar fusion surgery. Upon demand, the trucking company’s insurance paid the remainder of the policy limit, $940,000. Her medical bills totaled $761,000.

Reckless Truck Driving
Total Amount Received by Client $150,194.95

A trucking company whose driver had repeatedly had time and space driving issues was allowed to continue driving despite on-going reports of reckless driving. The truck driver drove I-30 weekly yet, failed to timely stop in an area known for congestion in Rockwall. Our client, a long-haul truck driver himself, was resting in the sleeper birth while his co-driver was driving. His co-driver stopped timely for traffic and then they were hit from behind. VH was knocked around in the sleeper birth by the impact injuring his neck and shoulder. VH required shoulder surgery and lives with ongoing neck and shoulder pain.

Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler
Total Amount Received by Client $99,842.53

Our client was driving in Plano on I-635 when she was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler and pushed into the car in front of her. The truck driver claimed a hill did not allow him to see traffic stopped ahead and thus, he was not responsible for causing the wreck. Our client received medical care at the emergency room, chiropractic treatment, and saw a pain management doctor where she underwent multiple spinal nerve injections. After suit was filed, witness testimony proved the 18 wheeler driver’s story was not true and the 18 wheeler driver should be held responsible. Total settlement of $300,000. Total medical bills $138,000.