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Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL
Commercial Vehicle Driver Falls Asleep

A truck driver for the largest milk hauler in the United States fell asleep at the wheel of his tractor-trailer causing the deaths of two women. **A contingent (%) fee charged on the successful recovery resulted in a fee of $2,320,000.00 and $85,600.00 in litigation expenses which were reimbursed by the client out of the gross settlement amount.

Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL

An accident involving an 18-Wheeler resulted in this death case. **A contingent (%) fee charged on the successful recovery resulted in a fee of $750,000.00 and $159,590.41 in litigation expenses which were reimbursed by the client out of the gross settlement amount.

Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL
Rear-Ended by Commercial Vehicle

Our client, a father of 5 at the time, was rear-ended driving home from work on I-64.  He lost consciousness for a bit and had little memory of the actual crash.  He suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery.  We used our knowledge and expertise to help him identify his brain injury (which was missed at the ER) and get the treatment he needed to help his pituitary dysfunction from the crash.  We hired an expert to put together a life care plan based on his medical needs.

Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL
Side-wiped by 18-Wheeler

An 18-wheeler driver side-swiped our client while she was sitting at a red light. The driver of the truck fled the scene.  The driver later claimed he was unaware he had been in an accident. Our client suffered severe incontinence as a result of nerve impingement in her neck and underwent multiple therapies, injections, and neck surgery.

Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL
Mail Carrier Hits Bicyclist

A mail carrier assigned to a new route in an unknown rural territory hit a 4 year-old boy on his bicycle killing him instantly.  According to the driver’s logs and evidence in the case, the driver did not take any of the requisite breaks that day and was running late on her way to return the collected outbound mail to the station.


Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL
Struck by 18-Wheeler

Our client was struck by a tractor-trailer while traveling westbound on I-44. The severe impact caused the car to go over the medium eventually settling an eastbound lane. Medical bills reached over six figures. We were able to negotiate a settlement of $795,199. The original offer being $50,000.

Total Amount to Client, DS
Poor Truck Driver Driving Record

Our client was driving when a box truck changed lanes and struck our client's vehicle flipping it over. Our client received injections and eventually received a neck surgery and a four level lower back surgery. The box truck driver had a suspended license at the time he was hired and at the time of the collision. He was also involved in a motor vehicle collision a year before the wreck. Two months before the wreck, he was also told he needed to increase his following distance as it could cause a collision.

Total Amount to Client, JS
Poor Maintenance of a Commercial Vehicle

A gravel company failed to keep its truck in safe working condition. As a result, when its driver started out on his early morning 5am trip and saw the light on indicating the dump was raised, the driver didn’t think it was raised and didn’t do what he knew he should’ve have done to ensure it was in the proper position. As the driver started to pass under an overpass, the dump rose up (or according to the company was already raised) and crashed into the overpass leaving debris all over a pitch dark highway and separating the end-dump from the tractor. As JS drove down the highway at highway speeds, he hit the debris left on the roadway, lost control and bounced off the back side of the dump truck. The driver blamed the company and the company blamed its driver. Our client suffered a head injury and back and neck injuries.

Total Amount to Client, CONFIDENTIAL
Tractor-trailer Dumps Load of Dirt in Road

A tractor-trailer dumped a large load of dirt in the middle of a highway directly in our clients’ path.  With no time to react, our clients hit the mound of dirt causing serious damage to their vehicle and injuries to both passengers. The truck driver fled the scene of the incident claiming he was unaware that his load had been dispensed on the road. 


Total Amount to Client, LM
Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler

Our client was driving and slowed to a complete stop due to traffic ahead of him. An 18-wheeler behind him couldn’t stop in time and rear-ended the client. The truck driver initially tried to claim that the client swerved in front of him and stopped suddenly, but changed his testimony later, stating that he didn’t see the client until seconds before the collision. The client suffered injuries to his neck, low back, shoulder and achilles. He had multiple surgeries for the ruptured achilles, shoulder tear, and herniated disc in his low back.

Total Amount to Client, TH
Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler

Our client was driving on Highway 121 express lane in Bedford and stopped for traffic. An 18 wheeler rear-ended her from behind pushing her into the vehicle ahead of her. She underwent conservative medical care and multiple spinal injections. The trucking company’s insurance company would not offer fair money to settle the case pre-suit, so a lawsuit was filed.

After suit was filed, our client’s low back pain continued and eventually she underwent lumbar fusion surgery. Upon demand, the trucking company’s insurance paid the remainder of the policy limit, $940,000. Her medical bills totaled $761,000.

Total Amount to Client, LM
Rear-Ended by a Commercial Truck

Traveling back into town from a family funeral, our client and her family were forced to stop on Hwy 45 for a backup in traffic. However, the truck driver behind them was not paying attention, continued to drive when he should have been stopping and crashed into the back of her family. As a result, she required back and neck surgery.

Total Amount to Client, VH
Reckless Truck Driving

A trucking company whose driver had repeatedly had time and space driving issues was allowed to continue driving despite on-going reports of reckless driving. The truck driver drove I-30 weekly yet, failed to timely stop in an area known for congestion in Rockwall. Our client, a long-haul truck driver himself, was resting in the sleeper birth while his co-driver was driving. His co-driver stopped timely for traffic and then they were hit from behind. VH was knocked around in the sleeper birth by the impact injuring his neck and shoulder. VH required shoulder surgery and lives with ongoing neck and shoulder pain.

Total Amount to Client, BA
Illegally Parked Box Truck

Our client Bridget was struck by a Rent-A-Center box truck that was making a U-turn in a parking lot. The defendant was illegally parked and started to make the U-turn from a stopped position. The defendant blamed Bridget for speeding through the parking lot and had a witness that blamed Bridget for speeding as well. Bridget was a hair dresser who had difficulty working after the wreck and was recommended a neck surgery. She was involved in a subsequent wreck with significant property damage and injuries.

Total Amount to Client, LB
Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler

Our client was driving in Plano on I-635 when she was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler and pushed into the car in front of her. The truck driver claimed a hill did not allow him to see traffic stopped ahead and thus, he was not responsible for causing the wreck. Our client received medical care at the emergency room, chiropractic treatment, and saw a pain management doctor where she underwent multiple spinal nerve injections. After suit was filed, witness testimony proved the 18 wheeler driver’s story was not true and the 18 wheeler driver should be held responsible. Total settlement of $300,000. Total medical bills $138,000.

Total Amount to Client, MG
Improper Turn by a Commercial Truck

Our client, Maria was turning left at an intersection in Fort Worth, when the defendant truck driver made a left hand turn from a straight only lane, striking her vehicle. Maria underwent emergency room care, chiropractic care, and two neck joint injections. The trucking company claimed its driver’s dashcam video showed Maria to be 100% at fault and responsible. After suit was filed, the dashcam was put in perspective and supported her case against the defendant truck driver and trucking company. Total settlement $200,000 with $86,600 in medical bills.

Total Amount to Client, ME

Our client Mary was rear-ended by a concrete truck that was unable to stop in time due to exceeding weight restrictions causing her to suffer injuries to her neck and back, along with headaches, nausea and pain going down her legs. She eventually underwent epidural steroid injections to her low back and suffered prior chronic pain issues. She incurred $66,000 in medical treatment and we settled her case for $150,000