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Who Should Your First Point Of Contact Be After A Truck Accident?

Personal injury attorney Amy Witherite addresses one of the most common questions individuals have after being involved in a major truck accident.

Atlanta, GA – Commercial truck accidents occur with far more frequency than many realize. According to estimates from sources such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 400,000 crashes occur nationwide each year involving large trucks or commercial vehicles. One of the most common questions injured accident victims have after being involved in this type of crash is who should be their first point of contact? The answer may seem obvious, but there are often complexities that should be taken into consideration.

It is always imperative that individuals ensure that the first call they make is to commission medical help if they are not too incapacitated to make the call on their own. Says truck crash lawyer Amy Witherite of this important immediate first step, “assessing the medical condition of someone who has been involved in an accident, regardless of whether they think they are injured or not should always be prioritized. Some individuals may not feel the progression of symptoms until hours or even days later, and in the event that internal bleeding or other health issues occur, you never want to wait it out.” A call to 911 will not only ensure access to needed medical assistance, but will also summon police to the scene to facilitate a prompt accident investigation.

The commercial truck accident lawyer also states that following their release from medical care a number of injured accident victims opt to try explore their legal options, but don’t realize that it can be beneficial to even include a trusted personal injury attorney in their arsenal of contacts early on. Witherite suggests, “early contact with an attorney helps ensure that evidence is secured among other things, and truck drivers, the companies they work for, or their insurance providers do not feel they have any leeway in trying to shun responsibility.”

For Atlanta truck crash victims and their families, the aftermath of the wreck is often life altering. Many endure physical injuries that require extensive medical support to recover from and suffer overwhelming financial losses. Contacting a resource like the helpline provided by Witherite’s law firm as soon as possible following a truck crash is a helpful consideration for accident survivors. The attorney says that throughout her career she has helped numerous injured victims and their families navigate their circumstances from the beginning, which is typically fraught with challenges, because life doesn’t stop after a truck wreck.

According to Witherite, “accident victims don’t realize the level of support that can be provided to them throughout the entire process of addressing the aftermath of a truck crash. We’ve met some of my clients at the scene of their accidents to lend support while waiting for medical responders, and visited many in the hospital to make sure they knew we are with them every step of the way.”

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