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Attorney Witherite: Tesla's Autopilot Crashes Stir Concerns for Autonomous Trucks in Texas and Georgia

Amy Witherite, a notable Texas attorney and founder of Witherite Law Group, highlights the ongoing issues and fatalities linked to Tesla's autonomous driving feature. This raises significant concerns about the safety of introducing driverless tractor-trailers on the road. In 2024, there are plans to introduce autonomous tractor-trailers on the roads of Texas and Georgia. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently disclosed the findings of a two-year investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot, uncovering hundreds of crashes, including 13 fatal ones. Despite a recall initiated by the company to address the issue, collisions have persisted, prompting the NHTSA to initiate a new probe.

"Those of us who have been involved in vehicle safety issues for many years have long recognized the real dangers fully autonomous tractor-trailers and large trucks pose to motorists on our nation's highways," said Witherite.

"The damage caused by a large, autonomous truck could be significantly more severe than that of a smaller vehicle like a Tesla," said Witherite. "The problems with Tesla illustrate the same types of issues that are likely to occur with an autonomous truck."

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