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Are Truck Crashes Surging In The US?

Commercial truck crash attorney outlines statistics indicating commercial truck crashes are on the rise nationwide.

Atlanta, GA – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made recommendations supporting the installation of crash avoidance and mitigation systems on commercial trucks for more than three decades, yet the agency has failed to take further steps to ensure that proposed regulations are put into effect. In one of its most recent communications released about the issue, the NHTSA suggests that field operation testing on select systems could take up to two more years, just to provide the agency with more information that can be used to determine next steps. With over 400,000 crashes involving commercial vehicles occurring in the U.S. each year, the question arises as to whether the general public really has that much time to wait?

For many victims of commercial truck wrecks, hearing news about the NHTSA’s waiting game is a staggering disappointment. It is arguable that the failure to implement or enforce important regulations designed to protect passenger vehicle drivers from the dangers of sharing the road with trucks that are over 25 times larger in weight, and significantly larger in scale, amounts to a lack of concern for public safety in this area on the part of regulatory agencies. It is a blatant disregard for their lives in more ways than one, says one transportation safety advocate who supports the introduction of a number of proposed systematic changes to help protect Atlanta drivers and others throughout the U.S. This includes the physical safety of passenger vehicle drivers jeopardized by commercial vehicle system failures and driver mistakes.

According to attorney Amy Witherite, who defends the rights of individuals who have been injured in a commercial vehicle crash, “statistics show that large fatal truck crashes are growing in number at rates significantly faster than even deadly automobile accidents, with among other things, higher speed allowances being endorsed nationwide and lax regulation of trucking companies who fail to do the right thing. The time is now to do something about reducing the numbers.”

The right thing, according to Witherite includes performing regular maintenance on commercial vehicles and taking responsibility for the consequences of their drivers failing to follow protocol. The attorney also states the NHTSA’s slow response in moving forward with safety mandate recommendations for the trucking industry is egregious considering the fatality statistics and the troubling impact commercial truck accidents can have on survivors. For those who have been involved in a commercial truck crash, Witherite asserts, “time is one of the most important considerations for accident victims. Not only is there a statute of limitations for taking legal action for full financial recovery, waiting to see a doctor or take steps to get legal help can prove to be hindering for the progress of rebuilding after this type of traumatic experience.”

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