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Document Accident Pain for Legal Gain

Accident Advice: Document Pain for Legal Gain

No doubt, it’s a pain to be in pain. It’s especially discomforting when the pain is related to injuries resulting from an accident that wasn’t your fault.

It’s wise to document your pain in order to set yourself up for the best possible verdict.

How Do You Document Pain from a Truck Accident?

Most accident victims know they need to keep good records: doctor bills, prescription receipts, physical therapy guidelines, etc. Many don’t realize you should also keep a written record of your struggles with pain in a pain journal.

This means you should detail in writing the discomfort you feel—location, intensity, duration, etc. A pain journal accomplishes some important functions:

·         It provides accurate and detailed facts the victim will most likely forget.

·         It shows the overall extent of the pain journey.

·         It exemplifies the type of professional documentation required to win a truck accident case.

The key to a maintaining an effective pain journal is accuracy, consistency, and completeness. Here are some initial steps to remember:

·         Start it now. You’ll forget later and the details will be less reliable.

·         Make documentation a regular habit at a consistent time. Routines keep us accountable.

·         Over-report rather than under-report. Better to have too much information than not enough.

·         Use collaborative methods like photos, videos, and even audio recordings.

·         When it gets monotonous, do it anyway. The stakes are too high.

What Details Should You Record About Truck Accident Pain?

Pain can be difficult to measure, and each person experiences it differently.

 For example, a broken leg may hurt and incapacitate someone vastly different than someone else. Keeping a pain journal, especially for injuries that are long-lasting or may result in chronic pain, is only as good as the detailed notes.

Here are the types of entries you should consider:



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