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Imagine sitting at a stop light, when suddenly, you feel the force of a sharp blow to your vehicle. The impact thrusts your car several feet forward, putting you in danger of oncoming traffic. You realize you’ve been struck by a commercial truck, and have only seconds to determine what to do next to get to safety. You question whether there is anything you can do in your predicament to protect yourself further. This is the unfortunate fate of many individuals who, while carrying out their ordinary day-to-day routines, are suddenly involved in a serious truck collision, and left to struggle with a continuum of related life disruptions in the aftermath.

According to a “Commercial Truck Safety” report released by the Congressional Research Service, over an estimated 400,000 crashes each year involve large tucks or commercial vehicles.[1] The shocking statistic has led to monumental Congressional action to facilitate reform in recent years. This includes assigning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) the task of introducing stricter standards for training and regulating commercial truck drivers to improve safety practices of carriers and drivers. Still, thousands continue to suffer each year as a result of a life altering truck crash.

The physical, mental, and financial challenges that many clients face following a serious truck crash often prove extreme, and stagnating of their ability to resume daily functions as normal without significant support. Commercial truck accidents can occur within a split second, yet have an impact that can last for the remainder of one’s lifetime if steps are not taken to mitigate the damages. Many injured accident victims often become most challenged by is dealing with the immediate aftermath of trying to function normally after being involved in a crash because of life’s ordinary demands that continue to be present no matter what. This may include work obligations or simple things such as the need to pick up children from school and make family dinner.

Since life doesn’t stop after a truck wreck, it is vital that truck wreck victims understand they have options for getting the help they need with keeping the most important parts of life running without additional stress. For those who question what they can effectively do after a truck accident to keep life running, the following tips are helpful:

  • Contact emergency services immediately after the crash to ensure any needed medical attention is received.
  • Protect yourself financially, which may include working with an attorney to address options for recovering all related expenses.
  • Allow a personal injury attorney, who specializes in commercial vehicle accidents to take the reigns in your legal fight so that you are able to focus on other life needs such as family and recovery.

Individuals with questions about getting legal help for a truck accident can call 1-800-TruckWreck to speak with someone directly because life doesn’t stop after a truck wreck.