Too many questions and not enough answers is why these truck wrecks frequently end up seeking resolution in a court of law.

In 2016, an autonomous Otto truck made a 125-mile journey across Colorado to deliver a load of beer.

In addition to taking photos of the vehicles, the road, and the weather, you should also use your camera to photograph your own injuries following the accident.

The dual cameras record both the view immediately ahead of a semi, as well as the interior of the truck, including the driver.

Just like airline pilots, truck drivers must also undergo a physical exam at least once every 24 months.

The truck driver pled guilty to five counts of first-degree vehicular homicide and was sentenced to five years in prison followed by five years of probation.

The FMCSA report also found some major contributing factors that lead to truck wrecks in 2015, including driver-related factors, collisions and overturns and speed limits.

But this not a universally shared view, as some carriers believe that dual-cameras (ones that face forward and toward the driver) are helping to improve road safety.

Most people remember how nervous they were the first time they got behind the wheel of a car.