Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle crashes cause over an estimated 200,000 people to become injured each year. According to Texas Department of Transportation statistics more than a fourth of the injuries from vehicle accidents are classified as serious in nature.

When a Commercial Vehicle Accident Warrants a Personal Injury Claim

Motor vehicle accident attorneys can help injured victims understand whether they have a valid claim for compensation. When a commercial vehicle accident warrants the filing of a personal injury claim the following circumstances are typically present:

  • A person has sustained serious injuries from a truck collision
  • A person has incurred medical expenses and other damages that resulted in financial debt as a result of a truck accident
  • The actions of a truck driver or truck company are to blame for a truck accident

Enlisting the support of an accident lawyer who specializes in truck 18 wheeler accident claims is often in the best interest of those who may face challenges in trying to seek compensation for a claim on their own. One can find a lawyer to help alleviate the burden of proving a case.

Proving a Case

Personal injury claims involving motor vehicle accidents can be difficult to prove. These require proving negligence on the part of another driver or entity that failed in their duty to exercise what is deemed reasonable care. In the case of commercial truck accidents, a person must show:

  • The person or persons named as the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff to exercise a reasonable standard of care to prevent injury (which is typically met because this is an expectation for all drivers)
  • There was a breach of duty by the defendant to exercise reasonable standards of care
  • The breach of duty was the cause of an injury sustained by the plaintiff

Contacting a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Contacting a vehicle accident attorney is an important step for many with valid personal injury claims. Vehicle accident lawyers can provide injured accident victims with quality legal representation without requiring them to pay out of pocket fees for help.

The vehicle accident law firm’s truck wreck attorneys are available for those seeking legal help following a serious wreck. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and would like to discuss your legal options with a motor vehicle accident attorney, contact the motor vehicle accident lawyers at 1-800-878-2597 today to request a free case evaluation.

Other interesting Texas vehicle accident statistics many may not be of aware of include:

  • Texas ranks among the top states for having the highest number of DUI (alcohol) related accidents deaths annually
  • Driver inattention and vehicle distractions were factors in more than 90,000 motor vehicle crashes in Texas in 2012
  • Over 8000 Texas crashes in 2012 were caused by driver fatigue
  • Over 39,000 accidents that occurred in Texas in 2012 involved a big truck/ a truck trailer/semi-trailer

Any type of vehicle accident can result in serious injuries, but those involving commercial vehicles are typically the most disastrous in nature, say the vehicle accident attorneys at 1-800-TRUCK-WRECK. When a collision occurs between a semi truck and a passenger vehicle, it is typically those in the passenger vehicles that are more seriously hurt. For truck wreck cases where the misconduct of a truck driver or the negligence of a trucking company plays a role, injured victims may be eligible to file a personal injury claim.