Mobile Crane Accidents

A mobile crane is one of the most threatening vehicles on the road. Mobile cranes are large and heavy, and are used for moving massive and unwieldy items.

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Mobile Crane Accidents

While no one ever wants to be in an accident, there are certain types of vehicles that are more dangerous than others. A mobile crane is one of the most threatening vehicles on the road. Mobile cranes are large and heavy, and are used for moving massive and unwieldy items. They’re also very top heavy, meaning they can easily lose balance and topple over, causing massive damage.

If you or a loved one were in an accident caused by a mobile crane you need experienced attorneys on your side. The expert team at 1-800-TruckWreck specializes in mobile crane accidents. We’ll help you take the proper steps to build a strong case for compensation.

The First Steps After A Mobile Crane Accident

Like other accidents, after an incident with a mobile crane you need to exchange details with the other driver and get photographic evidence of what happened. If there are witnesses around, you should speak with them and get their contact information. Likewise, look for other evidence: are there any closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras around that might have captured what happened?

Speak with the other driver and be sure to gather the following information. We recommend taking photos of the information below on your cell phone:

  • Name of mobile crane driver
  • Address of mobile crane company
  • License plate of the mobile crane
  • Department of Transportation number (usually found on both sides of the truck door) and driver’s license
  • Insurance information
  • Phone number of the driver and the trucking company

Seek Professional Opinions On The Health Of You And Your Vehicle

Sometimes we don’t realize the extent of our injuries in the aftermath of an accident. That’s why it’s important to seek medical attention immediately following an accident, no matter how you feel. Even if you think you’re fine, you should still be seen by a doctor. Taking this action can help you detect unseen injuries early and prevent them from getting worse over time.

The same is true for your vehicle. If it looks fine, it might have been damaged internally, which can lead to safety issues later on. Always get a safety check from a professional mechanic.

Don’t Rush Into A Settlement

After an accident, you might find companies involved offer you a settlement to keep the case out of court. Big mobile cranes are usually owned by construction companies, so they are often quick to act. If you haven’t noticed any severe injuries, this might sound like a tempting offer, especially if you’re worried the offer won’t always be on the table.

Remember, you may not know the full extent of your injuries or property damage, which means the amount you’re being offered might be insufficient. There may also be further complications and issues resulting from the time you take off work or the medication you need to recover. Likewise, you may find there are psychological or other implications of your accident. Don’t just think about the physical impacts, consider how the accident has impacted all areas of your life and the financial implications before you act.

Contact The Mobile Crane Accident Experts At 1-800-TruckWreck

You should never make any settlement decisions without consulting an expert mobile crane attorney. At 1-800-TruckWreck, we specialize in getting compensation for the extensive damage caused by mobile crane incidents.

It’s never too late to contact us. Call us for a free consultation and we’ll go over the details of your accident to determine if you have a case. If you were injured or your property was damaged due to the negligence of a mobile crane operator or their company, we’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve.