Medium Duty Truck Accidents

While a medium duty truck is a smaller truck, it can still cause large amounts of damage and injuries.

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Medium Duty Truck Accidents

A medium duty truck may be smaller vehicle in the trucking world, but compared with the average passenger vehicle it still far outweighs many on the road. When you get into a wreck with one of these larger vehicles, it can prove devastating to your vehicle, to your health, and to your future.

If you stay calm and act quickly, you can increase your chances of getting compensation to help you recover. The attorneys at 1-800-Truck-Wreck will be by your side every step of the way to make sure you’re justly compensated by the parties at fault.

Numbers to Call After a Medium Duty Truck Accident

In the wake of a collision with a medium duty truck, here’s who you should call to make sure you’re protected.

  • Emergency Services: In any accident, 911 should be the first number you call to get medical assistance, but also to report the incident. Even if no one was seriously injured, it’s imperative that you notify the police of the accident and get an official police report number.
  • Car Insurance: Make sure to collect details including phone number, license plate, Department of Transportation number, insurance information of the driver and trucking company from the other driver to pass on to your insurance company. If the accident was the fault of the driver of the medium duty truck, then they are financially responsible for the damages. In any event, you need all of this information to pursue your claim.
  • Professional Mechanic: If your car isn’t obviously damaged, you might not see the need to make an insurance claim but regardless, you should take your car for a safety check. Sometimes an accident can cause damage to the vehicle you can’t see externally, which will only lead to subsequent issues down the line.
  • Medical Professional: Likewise, you shouldn’t assume you’re healthy in the wake of a medium duty truck accident. Always make sure to get a check-up, and keep an eye out for symptoms that might manifest later. Even something seemingly unrelated such as a headache months later can actually be a result of a collision.
  • Finally, Don’t Forget To Call The Expert Attorneys At 1-800-Truck-Wreck: Whether it’s a severe wreck or seems small, a medium duty truck accident requires a specialized attorney to make sure you’re properly compensated for your injuries. You shouldn’t have to pay the medical bills and car repairs if someone else was at fault. The team at 1-800-Truck-Wreck has unmatched experienced in dealing with trucking and insurance companies to fight on behalf of victims. The sooner you get in touch with us, the better your chances of success. We want to help you get back to life and will do everything in our power to help you get the compensation you deserve.