18-Wheeler Accidents

When an individual is struck by a big truck, the damage is often far greater and that's why you need the attorneys at 1-800-TruckWreck on your side.

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18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston

18-wheeler crashes can cause long term turmoil for both those immediately involved in the collision and their family members who are left to bare the burden of physical, emotional and financial trauma. When an individual is struck by a big truck, the damage is often far greater than what is typically experienced in a passenger vehicle accident.

An 18-wheeler trailer alone typically weighs 12,000 pounds when empty. When you include the weight of the 18-wheeler tractor where the driver sites plus any cargo they may be carrying the combination can total up to 80,000 pounds legally. A commercial truck hauling this much is like a stampeding elephant ready to demolish anything in its tracks.

18-Wheeler Facts and Statistics

  • The first 18-wheeler tractor trailer automobiles date back to France in the 1700s.
  • A truck trailer is on average 70-80 feet long.
  • An 18-wheeler has a total of five axles.
  • Drivers should follow 25 feet behind to be visible to the truck driver
  • The length of time to stop an 18-wheeler is 40% greater than that of an automobile.
  • It takes a minimum of 160 hours of training to learn how to drive an 18 wheeler at an accredited CDL driving school.
  • Every year 18 wheeler accidents injury over 90,000 people in the United States

When a semi 18-wheeler accident occurs most people choose to find a lawyer. Working with an 18-wheeler accident lawyer is a simple, transparent process. The 18-wheeler attorney will start by collecting all the facts surrounding the wreck, including everything from time, date and witnesses to both parties’ insurance information and the police report. Other details needed by a lawyer after 18-wheeler accidents include photos from the scene of the collision and post-wreck medical records. This makes it very important to seek medical attention immediately following an 18-wheeler crash.

Once a case is open an 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Atlanta, Dallas, or Fort Worth will work to determine the cause of the wreck. Collisions caused by large vehicles and commercial trucks are often found to be the result of driver negligence. Circumstances that fall under driver negligence insufficient training, improper vehicle maintenance, overloaded 18-wheeler trailers, drug or alcohol abuse, as well as operating a vehicle passed the maximum allotted number of hours allowed by law. If a truck driver is found to be negligent, a case settlement in favor of the other driver is awarded.

To take action against the truck 18 wheeler driver or their insurance company consider filing a lawsuit with an 18-wheeler lawyer.

The 1-800-Truck-Wreck 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Difference

While there may be many 18-wheeler accident lawyers, only a select few have the legal background and litigation skills needed to call themselves a Witherite Law Group 18-wheeler accident attorney. Big truck wreck victims place their trust in the personal injury law firm because of their over 75 years combined experience as 18 wheeler accident lawyers with real court room familiarity and ability to vigorously interact with large insurance companies. Witherite Law Group offers free case evaluations and never collects a legal fee unless there is a successful outcome for their client.

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