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When involved in a semi truck crash many people turn to a semi truck accident attorney/lawyer to inquire about how much a semi truck settlement typically amounts to. There are several factors that will determine the size of a semi truck accident case’s monetary compensation.

What makes a semi truck case?

  • The extent of one’s personal injury including current medical bills and future care needs following the semi truck wreck.
  • How much damage was done to the innocent party’s vehicle during the crash.
  • If the semi truck driver was negligent, such as under the influence of alcohol or without the best semi truck maintenance.
  • If the collision was with a big truck or an actual commercial truck.

The real courtroom experience of the truck and semi truck accident lawyer retained for the case.

The statistics show that a large number of semi truck crashes are caused by negligence. For example, data from the United States Department of Transportation tells us that over 30% of all semi truck crashes are due to driving not getting enough sleep. A high number of commercial truck accidents also have alcohol as a factor.

Over the last several decades, the number of big trucks on U.S. roads has been amplified as people consume and purchase more products than in the past. In 2012 revenue generated by the trucking industry totaled $610 billion and revenues are projected to virtually double by 2015 – a number that goes to show semi trucks and semi trucks accidents are here to stay.

With a growing number of new semi trucks on the road the state of Texas along with other governing bodies, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), have put regulations in place to help fight semi truck accidents and unnecessary casualties. These regulations include:

  • Limiting the length of driving time allowed for each truck semi driver
  • Requiring drivers keep log books that are properly maintained and signed daily
  • Keeping maintenance records to a show semi trucks up keeping
  • Loading ratios proportionate to semi truck size to maintain proper balance in the truck trailer.

Unfortunately, when it comes to commercial truck accidents, occupants of other vehicles involved in the collision make up over 75% of fatalities due to the large size difference in vehicles. Even when a semi truck accident is not fatal it still produced life-altering effects. Many victims experience permanent injuries of the brain or spine, lost limbs, paralysis and coma.

When major catastrophic injuries or death occurs as a result of semi trucking victims needs to find a lawyer. Many times the injured party may feel like they are too small to go up against major semi truck networks with unions, fast talking insurance agencies, and major financial backing. However, a Texas semi truck accident lawyer can help those affected by a collision with even the best semi trucks and commercial trucking companies.

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