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If you’ve ben in any kind of truck accident – whether you are the victim or the defendant – then it is important that you get in touch with truck wreck attorneys as soon as possible.

Truck wreck attorneys are lawyers that deal specifically with accidents involving trucks. While that might sound very specific, this is actually necessary given the highly specific nature of these cases. The law is highly detailed and has different rules for almost every scenario you can imagine. When it comes to a truck wreck, there will be particular aspects of the law that will impact on the outcome. These include things like the length of time that the driver has been in the vehicle, the speed the vehicle was travelling at, and the way the shipment was being carried. These same factors don’t necessarily occur to ‘general’ traffic lawyers.

So, what should you do in the case of a trucking accident in order to ensure the best chances of success?

First: make sure that you exchange details with any other parties involved. Next, try to get the details of nearby witnesses who can corroborate your description of events. Likewise, take a look around for any potential CCTV or other surveillance that could help to provide proof.

Take a photograph of the damage caused to your car and the truck that hit you. Likewise, take a photograph of the damage caused to the property around you, as well as any marks on the road. These can help to paint a more accurate picture of what happened and may indicate the speeds that each vehicle was travelling at.

Finally, make sure that you inform the police of the accident. This is a legal requirement in Georgia. Then, get on the phone to your truck wreck attorneys.