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Why Hire An Attorney Quickly After A Truck Accident

Atlanta, GA – More than one million commercial motor carriers travel our nation’s roads each year, hauling goods valued in the trillions of dollars. The commercial trucking industry is poised for increased growth as varied industry sectors that they cater to continue to experience high levels of growth as well. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of commercial vehicles on the roads is also correlated with an increase in the number of crashes that occur between these and passenger vehicles in cities like Atlanta, Georgia, which is one of the most expansive transportation hubs in the nation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thousands of individuals in passenger vehicles die each year in collisions with large trucks. The number has increased to growth rates of three times higher than with other types of motor vehicle crashes. These are typically complex crashes that may be caused by a variety of events such as:

  • A failure of truck drivers to adhere to speed limits
  • Truck lane shifting
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Failure of trucking companies to perform proper maintenance, which leads to truck component failures on the road


When one becomes involved in a large truck crash, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. However, because these accidents happen without warning, it can become difficult to remember the importance of taking swift action amid the turmoil. According to truck crash attorney Amy Witherite, who says time is a critical element for anyone involved in a crash,“it is imperative that crash victims understand the necessity to call for medical help and take other steps for ensuring their protection.”

Time Is of the Essence

The lawyer further notes, “time is of the essence because the longer a person waits to get medical attention, call police responders to the scene, or even contact an attorney to assess their legal options in the aftermath of a serious truck accident, the more challenging it can prove to mitigate the damages or obtain warranted financial recovery.”

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for filing a legal claim is also an issue that accident victims must be mindful of according to Witherite. “There are time constraints that can prevent victims who deserve compensation for the damages they’ve incurred after a crash from receiving any portion of it. The law unfortunately does not allow time for individuals to wait until their injuries have completely healed, and they’ve dealt with the emotional consequences of being involved in an accident.”

Remember 1-800-Truck-Wreck

Being in the heat of the moment; however, it is practically impossible to be mindful of this. Therefore, remembering a number like 1-800-Truck-Wreck is helpful. The law firm’s team is always available to help truck crash victims in any capacity relating to ensuring they have the right sources of support in a timely manner.

Individuals with questions about getting legal help for a Texas or Atlanta truck accident can call 1-800-Truck-Wreck® to speak with someone directly about their potential claim.