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What makes this bus accident in Pennsylvania even more tragic is that it probably didn’t have to happen.

The Texas big truck accident lawyers of 1800 Truck Wreck report on a truck accident in Fort Worth that killed five and injured 12, where the family alleges that the commercial truck driver’s negligence caused the wreck.

One of the victims of a February accident in Austin that involved a commercial truck has filed suit against the trucking company, claiming that negligence caused the wreck.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers are often much more devastating than accidents involving two passenger vehicles, because 18-wheelers are larger, more powerful, and capable of massive property damage.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has been researching this issue for a long time, and in May, finally sent the new proposal to the White House for President Obama’s final approval.

One of the biggest dangers posed by commercial trucks is that they are built higher off the ground than passenger vehicles, making them much more susceptible to underride accidents.

Always consult with a truck accident lawyer, who can provide the information needed to determine if a lawsuit against the trucking company is warranted.

Long-haul semi-truck drivers have demanding jobs that keep them behind the wheel for hours at a time. Our country’s economy relies on these truck operators to make deliveries on time, every time. Most truck drivers are hard-working professionals who take safety seriously and follow the rules.

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