Driving any commercial vehicle requires skill, training, and experience. This is especially true for semi-truck drivers, who operate massive trucks that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds

In Texas, semi-trucks can be no longer than 59 feet, including the trailer. In many motorists’ minds, this is plenty long enough. As a state with some of the heaviest truck traffic in the country, Texas highways are already dominated by huge 18-wheelers.

Samsung has made headlines recently, and not in a good way. The Korean technology company was recently forced to recall its entire line of Note7 smartphones after widespread reports of the phones overheating, melting, and even bursting into flames.

Drive down any highway, and you are likely to see what some people call “road gators.” These are strips of tire treads reminiscent of the back of an alligator — hence the name road gator.

If you have a long commute, or you just drive on the highway a lot, you probably get annoyed at a truck driver every now and then. No matter how courteous and professional a truck driver is, there is no getting around the fact that semi-trucks are large vehicles that take up a great deal of space on the road. They are also tall and boxy, which makes it tough to see around them.

It took 18 years of research and development, but engineers at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute have revealed a prototype for an electric freight system that transports cargo without a semi-truck.

The Texas big truck accident lawyers of 1800 Truck Wreck report on a truck accident in Fort Worth that killed five and injured 12, where the family alleges that the commercial truck driver’s negligence caused the wreck.

One of the dangers of commercial trucks – including 18-wheelers, dump trucks and tractor-trailers is that they are large, unwieldy vehicles that can cause devastating injuries and property damage if a driver loses control for even a second.

Long-haul semi-truck drivers have demanding jobs that keep them behind the wheel for hours at a time. Our country’s economy relies on these truck operators to make deliveries on time, every time. Most truck drivers are hard-working professionals who take safety seriously and follow the rules.