“Three of the biggest contributing factors in truck crashes are speeding, unsafe lane changes, and driver distraction” says Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Amy Witherite. In July, a Louisiana truck driver plead guilty to five counts of vehicular homicide stemming from a 2015 truck accident in Georgia that took the lives of five nursing students.

1-800-Truck-Wreck accident lawyers have years of experience helping people recover from their injuries and obtaining the compensation they deserve. In early August, a commercial charter bus was involved in a fatal accident as it traveled from Southern California to Sacramento.

FMCSA ultimate goal is to make bus travel as safe as possible, every trip, every time. In May, a charter bus accident in South Texas killed eight people and injured another 44, according to a police report filed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Three people were killed and a fourth was critically injured in a recent 18-wheeler crash in Montgomery County.

Austin, Texas – Following the recent high profile hit-and-run accident that left an Austin woman with disfiguring injuries, Austin injury attorney Amy Witherite of the 1800 Truck Wreck attorneys is seeking to raise awareness about a growing problem that has plagued the flourishing city for years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released new information suggesting drowsy driving may be linked to far more traffic accidents than previously thought. According to estimates, 1.2 million motor vehicle crashes may be caused by drowsy driving each year, which is significantly higher than other research has shown in the past. The claim is based on a previous study, which used a different methodology to calculate the total.

“After the invention of cellphones, states all over the country had to put distracted driving laws in place says Truck Accident Lawyer Amy Witherite. “

Texas truck crash lawyer reports, two people sustained injuries after a fire truck slammed into a fast food restaurant.

Texas truck accident lawyer Amy Witherite says a new anti-texting device could help reduce the high number of truck accident injuries that occur nationwide each year.

Mesquite truck crash lawyer Amy Witherite reports on a recent collision between an Amtrak train and 18-wheeler near Mesquite, Texas.