“From personal experience, I know how emotional and devastating it is to be hurt in a truck wreck,” stated Amy Witherite.

Commuters drive next to semi-trucks every day. Educate yourself about the laws that affect your morning and evening drive.

Although the FMCSA doesn’t have an official rule that makes sleep apnea testing in the trucking industry mandatory, research shows that sleep apnea is a serious condition that can make people drowsy behind the wheel.

Too many questions and not enough answers is why these truck wrecks frequently end up seeking resolution in a court of law.

In 2016, an autonomous Otto truck made a 125-mile journey across Colorado to deliver a load of beer.

The dual cameras record both the view immediately ahead of a semi, as well as the interior of the truck, including the driver.

Dallas Truck Accident attorney examines truck inspection exemptions and how they could affect number of truck accidents.

Because the trailer portion of a tractor-trailer sits so high off the ground, trailers are particularly hazardous for passenger vehicles, which can easily slide under the trailer in a crash.