“Three of the biggest contributing factors in truck crashes are speeding, unsafe lane changes, and driver distraction” says Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Amy Witherite. In July, a Louisiana truck driver plead guilty to five counts of vehicular homicide stemming from a 2015 truck accident in Georgia that took the lives of five nursing students.

1-800-Truck-Wreck accident lawyers have years of experience helping people recover from their injuries and obtaining the compensation they deserve. In early August, a commercial charter bus was involved in a fatal accident as it traveled from Southern California to Sacramento.

Truck accidents are on the rise and if you find yourself a victim of someone’s negligence call 1800 Truck Wreck. Despite the decrease in overall motor vehicle accidents throughout the U.S., statistics show that Texas leads all states in yearly crashes.

FMCSA ultimate goal is to make bus travel as safe as possible, every trip, every time. In May, a charter bus accident in South Texas killed eight people and injured another 44, according to a police report filed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Texas has one of the highest number of semi-truck accidents in the country, according to reports analyzing truck accidents in the United States. Like other states in the nation’s heartland, Texas’s highways are dominated by tractor-trailers.

At approximately 11 o’clock in the morning on a bright sunny day, drivers at the interchange of the Southwest Freeway and the 610 West Loop became the victims of the worst truck disaster in Houston’s history.

Texas truck crash attorney offers insight into why in spite of awareness efforts and truck safety laws, so many are still injured in truck wrecks annually.