In the trucking world, owning your own truck is a big deal.  
Drivers at most companies are required to drive at least one year before they are qualified to get their own truck due to the responsibilities it entails.

Just when you think it doesn’t get much more dangerous than a trucker texting and driving behind the wheel, an Idaho truck driver has been ordered off the road after an investigation revealed he was high on meth, driving distracted, and in violation of the federal hours-of-service rules at the time of a fatal accident.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers are often much more devastating than accidents involving two passenger vehicles, because 18-wheelers are larger, more powerful, and capable of massive property damage.

One of the dangers of commercial trucks – including 18-wheelers, dump trucks and tractor-trailers is that they are large, unwieldy vehicles that can cause devastating injuries and property damage if a driver loses control for even a second.

Texas has one of the highest number of semi-truck accidents in the country, according to reports analyzing truck accidents in the United States. Like other states in the nation’s heartland, Texas’s highways are dominated by tractor-trailers.