Cab-Forward Truck

A cab-forward truck is a vehicle that places the driver’s area further toward the front than you normally find. This design has a number of advantages for both drivers and trucking companies. The driver is in a position to see more out of the front of the vehicle and there’s more space in the rear to store cargo. Many trucks are designed this way to ensure maximum space for shipments.

However, a cab-forward truck can create unique challenges. For one, the vehicles tend to be front heavy when they aren’t hauling a load. While the visibility from the front of the cab is superior, it can be harder to see from the sides or out the back. These blind spots increase the chance of crashes. The load is also likely to be very large, increasing the weight, momentum, and stopping distance for these vehicles.

Due to these dangers, cab-forward vehicles cause their share of accidents. If you or a loved one is involved in a collision with a cab-forward truck, the expert attorneys at 1-800-Truck-Wreck are on your side. We specialize in cab-forward collisions and know exactly how to pursue a case to get you compensation for the damage done.